Tata Motors Indonesia Interested in Developing CNG Vehicles Market

Jakarta, 20 September 2012 – PT Tata Motors Indonesia, wholly owned Jakarta-based subsidiary of Tata Motors Ltd. who has just officially announced the presence in Indonesia for some moments ago, is very confident to welcome the 20th Indonesian International Motors Show (IIMS) in 2012 in Jakarta. In line with the IIMS’ grand theme this year, which is Eco Mobility, TMI emphasizes the theme “Smart Solutions for Mobility Needs”.
“Smart Solutions for Mobility Needs”, is the spirit of Tata Motors, which have hundreds of vehicle types with low operational and maintenance costs, fuel efficient, and eco-friendly.

In order to show the commitment of eco-friendly technology on their line of vehicles through the use of alternative fuel technologies, during IIMS 2012 Tata Motors Indonesia introduces several vehicles with alternative fuel, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).
“Tata Motors are ready with alternative energy on our products’ portfolio. Starting from the hybrid, diesel-electric hybrid, fuel cell, and electric. And now, we are introducing a collection of our CNG vehicles, which are: Tata Xenon CNG (single cab), Tata Nano CNG, Tata Starbus CNG and Tata Magic CNG,” said Biswadev Sengupta, President Director of PT. Tata Motors Indonesia.
Biswadev added that the market of Tata Motors’ CNG-fueled vehicles are expanding around the world. Tata Motors developed CNG through its in-house engineer integratedly, not through the third party or after market. The advantage of direct development is that consumers can take benefits from the CNG system and a safe and guaranteed installation.

CNG system developed by Tata Motors, supplied fuel through the electronic injectors or CNG Injection System that guarantee the fuel supply precisely and optimalize driving coziness. Tata Motors’ CNG Injection System Sistem has been tested past the test by Tata Motors Engineering. Either its quality or its safety, is appropriate with the global industry standards.

The advantage of Tata Motors’ CNG System also involves the 16 bit ECU which ensures the responsiveness of CNG fuel to the engine faster and it can be re-programmed while the ECU data can be sent through the internet. This is very helpful when consuners need emergency after sales services.
Tata Motors CNG system has many advantages compared to other CNG systems. Both technical and non technical strongly supports the operating and driving comfort. Tata Motors’ CNG Injection Sytem features an Automatic Changeover Program. A special feature for the Tata Nano CNG bi-fuel (CNG and Gasoline Engine) which allows the engine to operate with a smooth and well-controlled engine temperature. This feature also ensures that there is no potential damage to the machine and fuel changes from one fuel mode to the others which is more secure and eliminate the potential for accidents.
“Tata Motors Indonesia, is currently studying the Indonesian market, on the connection with the interest in the use of alternative fuel CNG on vehicles. And assessing the depth of the CNG’s potential market in the segment of commercial and public transportation vehicles,” said Biswadev
Biswadev also assured that there are many advantages of CNG especially when the price of fuel continues to rise and the Premium fuel quota is restricted in Indonesia. “CNG is really eco-friendly and safe, would not explode because it is lighter than the air, unlike the LPG,” said Biswadev
CNG diyakini secara teknis juga membuat biaya operasional kendaraan lebih kecil, jarak tempuh lebih banyak, lebih irit dari bensin atau diesel, akan mengurangi biaya perawatan, meningkatkan usia pakai busi, toxic rendah dan tidak akan mengeluarkan asap hitam.