Tata Motors Books 46 SPK in IIMS 2016

Tata Super Ace still a prima donna, followed by Tata Prima and Tata Ace EX2. Visitors show immense enthusiasm for Tata Ultra

Jakarta, 18 April 2016 – Tata Motors Distribusi Indonesia (TMDI), the authorized dealer of Tata Motors in Indonesia, booked no less than 46 vehicle order sheets (SPK) of all models.

“Forty-six SPK have been booked at the exhibition and over 700 new prospects were noted in the 11-day IIMS 2016. Meanwhile, at the IIMS 2014, we booked SPKs for more than 100 units, contributed by commercial and passenger vehicles. This year, the 46 SPKs were for commercial vehicles only,” said Manoj Arora, Sales & Marketing Advisor of TMDI.

Manoj added, the 46 SPKs are worth a combined total of IDR 7 billion and was achieved in the beginning of the new fiscal year, so this is a good start for TMDI. The 700 new prospects that was obtained from the IIMS 2016 is a big challenge for TMDI in Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi).

Most importantly for TMDI, the IIMS 2016 came out as a very valuable and strategic event for TMDI to promote its after-sales services. In the exhibition, Tata Motors launched the Tata Genuine Parts program themed TATA ADA and DEKAT.

The program allows Tata Motors to obtain Tata Motors spare parts faster and easier as spare part stores that market Tata Genuine Parts will be spread up to the district level.

TMDI has also launched the Tata CARE, a mobile after-sales service program that provides solutions to technical problems and offer maintenance services to Tata Motors owners at offices, houses and areas far away from major cities, or rural areas, where customers operate. The Tata CARE is available in 9 cities, Jakarta, Serpong, Bandung, Cirebon, Cianjur, Makassar, Jambi and Solo.

At the IIMS 2016, Tata Motors showcased its commercial vehicles line, the 700cc diesel Tata Ace EX2 pickup truck, the 1400cc diesel Tata Super Ace pickup truck, the Tata Xenon XT diesel pickup truck and tractor head, and the Tata Prima 4023.S. Tata Motors also reintroduced the Tata Ultra 1012, a medium-sized truck renowned in Indonesia as the 3/4 truck that will be launched mid-2016.

The Tata Super Ace still contributes the most, followed by the Tata Xenon, Tata Ace EX2 and Tata Prima. From the 700 prospects that we obtained at the IIMS 2016, almost 8 percent are customers that boast potential to buy in fleets (over 3 units). “We are excited with the great enthusiasm shown by visitors for the Tata Ultra 1012, as evident from the numerous people who registered to conduct a test-drive on the Tata Ultra 1012 during the exhibition. Indeed, the Test drive will take place outside the IIMS 2016. Our dealers will schedule and arrange the test-drives to take place in the Jabodetabek area,” Manoj said.

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