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Spare part availability guarantee, at the best price level.

Jakarta, 22 April 2014 : PT Tata Motors Distribusi Indonesia (TMDI), full subsidiary of Tata Motors Ltd and authorised agent of Tata Motors in Indonesia, guarantees to have the best service and spare part prices for its three products; Tata Vista 1,405 cc, Tata Safari Storme 2,200 cc diesel VariCor, and Tata Aria 2,200 cc diesel DiCOr.
The service price for three Tata Motors products; Tata Vista, Tata Safari Storme, and Tata Aria, is proven to be the lowest compared to other car brands within the same category.

The valuation is done after calculating the total expense of replacing six commonly used parts; oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, kit clutch, brake pad,and brake shoe (disc brake).

The price list for Tata Vista’s six commonly used parts are as follow: oil filter Rp 56,500, fuel filter Rp 123,500, air filter Rp 70,500, kit clutch Rp 1,212,000, brake pad Rp 599,500, and brake shoe Rp 299,500. The total cost is Rp 2,361,500.

“Tata Motors, be it in Indonesia or other countries always strives to provide its customers with the most economical and affordable operational and after sales service cost. The continuous availability of affordable spare parts is one of Tata Motor’s superiorities anywhere it operates in the world, including Indonesia,” said President Director of TMDI BiswadevSengupta.

The price list for Tata Storme’s six commonly used parts are as follow: oil filter Rp77,000, fuel filter Rp460,000, air filter Rp190,00, kit clutch Rp 1,995,000, brake pad Rp 557,000, and brake shoe Rp735,500. The total cost is Rp4,014,500.

The price list for Tata Aria’s six commonly used parts are as follow: oil filter Rp 77,000, fuel filter Rp 460,000, air filter Rp 190,00, kit clutch Rp2,740,000, brake pad Rp 557,000, and brake shoe Rp 735,500. The total cost is Rp 4,759,500.

According to Biswadev, aside from economical and affordable vehicle spare parts, TMDI also provides a 5 year warranty for passenger vehicles and a 3 year warranty for commercial vehicles. TMDI also guarantees the availability of any spare part within 24 hours,or it shall be rendered free of charge.

Tata Motors’ Commonly Used Parts Price List

Vehicle Type
Tata Vista Tata Aria Tata Safari Storme
Spareparts (Rp) (Rp) (Rp)
Oil Filter 56,500 77,000 77,000
Fuel Filter 123,500 460,000 460,000
Air Filter 70,500 190,000 190,000
Brake Pad 599,500 557,000 557,000
Brake Shoe 299,500 735,500 735,500
Total 2,361,500 4,759,500 4,014,500

About Tata Motors

Tata Motors is the biggest Indian car manufacturer with consolidated revenue of USD 34.7 billion in 2012-13, and is ranked the fourth biggest truck and bus manufacturer in the world. Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, Tata Motors is operating in the United Kingdom, South Korea, Thailand, Spain, South Africa, and Indonesia. Tata Motors owns British premium automaker Jaguar Land Rover, and is also involved in a joint venture with Fiat in India.With more than 7.5 million Tata Motors vehicles running on the roads of India, Tata Motors Limited has become a market leader in each segment of the commercial vehicle industry, and is one of the frontrunners in the passenger vehicle industry covering the compact, mid-sized cars, and multifunction segments. Cars, buses and trucks manufactured by Tata Motors have been distributed in various countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, and the Russian Federation.
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