Tata Motors Wins CSR Award

Tata Motors Indonesia’s CSR Program, “Tata INSPIRAKSI”, Won the Dompet Dhuafa Best CSR Award in the Informal Education Development Category

Jakarta, 17 December 2014 – Tata Motors Distribusi Indonesia (TMDI), full subsidiary of Tata Motors Ltd—Authorised Agent of Tata Motors in Indonesia announced its CSR program, Tata INSPIRAKSI, has received the Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award in the Informal Education Development category from Dompet Dhuafa humanitarian foundation.

The Tata INSPIRAKSI CSR Program was launched in June 2013, prior to any Tata Motors sales activity in Indonesia. The program is evidence of Tata Motors’ unwavering commitment in social empowerment.

The achievement acknowledges the success of the INSPIRAKSI CSR program in its efforts to support informal education, which was judged and supervised by Dompet Dhuafa’s independent team.

“The award shall motivate us to continue developing our Tata INSPIRAKSI CSR program so that we can provide more solutions for people empowerment,” said Achmad Djauhari, Director HR and Legal TMDI.

Achmad added, Tata Motors Indonesia would like to thank Dompet Dhuafa for the award. This will inspire Tata Motors to continue its efforts in empowering the people.

Ismail A Said, President Director of Dompet Dhuafa Corpora explained that the award is a high appreciation for companies that annually manage excellent CSR programs. He hopes that benefits of the Tata Motors Indonesia CSR INSPIRAKSI program can directly benefit the people.

“The role of companies in utilising CSR program funds for people empowerment need to be acknowledged. Many CSR programs has contributed to the eradication of poverty. And we see Tata Motors has contributed in developing informal education through its INSPIRAKSI program,” said Ismail A Said.

Inspired by Heart, Delivered by Hands INSPIRAKSI CSR program was launched in June 2013. The program was held through Tata Motors Indonesia’s Facebook page. The social network was used to collect various inspirational ideas from Tata Motors Indonesia friends.

INSPIRAKSI is a unique program as the Tata INSPIRAKSI team interacted with Tata Motors Facebook friends of whom both nominated and chose the programs they deem is most impactful for society. Then the Tata INSPIRAKSI team observed the voice of those on Facebook.

A year after the launch of the Tata INSPIRAKSI program, on 24 June 2014 Tata Motors finally chose to contribute in three CSR programs.

The three projects were chosen from the initial hundreds of projects voiced by the people, of which 30 projects were considered. Tata INSPIRAKSI team then decided 3 inspirational projects for the first phase of the INPSIRAKSI program 2014-2015.

The three inspirational figures and their social projects for phase one are:

1. Muhammad Fauzi – Intelligence Dissemination Village
Muhammad Fauzi is inspired by his dream to establish a village society that is smart, well developed and fairly treated. A victim of the Sidoarjo mudflow, Fauzi is unable to continue to higher education due to economic issues. However, Fauzi is motivated to deliver used books to the neighborhood security posts (Poskamling) and alternately deliver them to other posts while selling traditional herbal drinks (jamu), so that the people can read books and gather knowledge freely.

2. Solehuddin – The Graphic Design Friends Village
Solehuddin who is known as Huddi is an unyielding village youth who loves to help his friends and the village people. Despite his rather low level of education, Huddi is determined in his work as a mug and banner printer. Huddi works on every design order himself. Huddi uses the profit from his business to help the people of his village, especially to encourage village youths to learn graphic design to keep them from being unemployed or to open new job opportunities.

3. Sri Astuti – The People’s School for West Sumbawa
Sri Astuti is a village girl who excels despite her polio condition. Receiving her bachelor’s degree from Universitas Mataram, she began her social activism by being an instructor throughout the village. She often voluntarily helps teach underprivileged village residents day and night. Although physically challenged, Sri travels relentlessly through tens of kilometers by horse carriage to teach and transport used uniforms she received from donators meant for her students.

About Tata Motors

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About Dompet Dhuafa
Established in 4 September 1994, Dompet Dhuafa Republika is a non-profit organisation which strives to raise the social wellbeing of the needy by channeling Islamic funds from generous individuals, groups, or companies. The organisations provides various humanitarian aid, including emergency, economical, health, and education needs to the poor. Dompet Dhuafa was founded by Parni Hadi, Haidar Bagir, Sinansari Ecip, and Erie Sudewo. It was on 10 October 2001 that Dompet Dhuafa Republika was recognised by the Indonesian Department of Religion as the government’s official national Islamic Alms Body.

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